Redeem your Rewards Points


Cash-in (Redeem) Your Rewards Points

Rewards Points Programs

In addition to Elite Savings Program are Rewards Points

Premium Merchandise

Magazine Subscriptions

Gift Card Sweepstakes

Premium Merchandise

Redeem your Reward Points for great deals, discounts, and savings at some of your favorite brands.

Magazine Subscriptions

Redeem your Reward Points for subscriptions to 60+ popular magazine titles 

Gift Card Sweepstakes

Redeem your Reward Points to gain entry to sweepstakes for 120 + popular store branded gift cards

How Rewards Points Work

How to Redeem Rewards Points  on more than 50 Premium Merchandise Retailers

Step 1

Suppose you choose a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from our premium retailers that sells for $150



Step 2

Redeem 50 Rewards Points

for a $50 cash savings

Step 3

Pay the difference of $100

with your debit or credit card



You just saved $50

in real cash value