Deliver to our Clients A Better Way to Fundraise


To help you raise more funds and reach more donors

Rewarding Generosity

We created a fundraising platform that allows nonprofit organizations and other causes to reward donors for their generosity.


We are the only organization that rewards donors with many more times in savings on everyday expenses than their donation amount.

We Match Your Mission with More Donations for Your Cause

Adapting Fortune 500 Technology

DonorRewards, Inc. combined six unique rewards programs originally developed by our technology partner Velocity Rewards 360 Inc. for the Fortune 500 Employee Rewards market.

GivingFuel to Fundraising

Today, we offer with no upfront costs the DonorRewards online fundraising technology platform . We provide this best in class, online giving solution. It is a fundraiser where donors can be assured privacy and security with the GivingFuel Inc.  fundraising solution.  





To provide a world-class,  Sustainable Fundraising Platform for nonprofit schools, churches, youth and cultural organizations