Combining Rewards and Fundraising


A technology platform combining Rewards and Fundraising

Our Company designed the unique elements of the VR 360 Employee Rewards Plus (ERP) program to create DonorRewards  fundraising

Donor Rewards Technology Rewards Platform

The delivery of membership rewards is managed by our world class technology partner Velocity Rewards 360

  • VR 360’s executive team has a long history in the rewards and incentives industry
  • Created a wide variety of new concepts and products over the past 25 years
  • In 2018 launched the crown jewel of their collective careers,  Employee Rewards Plus
  • ERP is a powerful combination of rewards and benefits marketed to Fortune 500 Companies

DonorRewards Fundraising Platform

The collection of member donations is managed by our best of breed fundraising partner GivingFuel

Fueled by

Best in Class

DonorRewards, Inc. integrates with the GivingFuel fundraising platform to provide our donors with a safe, secure and efficient online payment portal

Customers Served

Processed in $Billions

99.99% UPTIME

Your donation pages are always up


All giving pages are PCI Compliant


256 Bit (military grade) encryption


Infrastructure designed to scale

Giving Fuel’s world-class fundraising technology combined with our DonorRewards valuable savings is a rewarding proposition for donors